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The gases push the diaphragm upwards, which in turn exerts pressure on the heart

If the pain occurs in the left upper abdomen, it is often a gastric discomfort, for example an inflammation of the stomach lining. Here you can also pay attention to whether your left abdominal pain varies depending on the food you eat. Stomach problems often arise after consuming hard-to-digest foods.

But there are also other possible causes of pain in the left upper abdomen. These include, for example, inflammation of the colon, the pancreas or the spleen. Further examinations by a doctor are definitely required here.

Left abdominal pain: Pain in the left lower abdomen is often an indication of a disease of the colon.

Pain in the left lower abdomen

If the abdominal pain occurs predominantly on the left in the lower abdomen, this is often due to a disease of the large intestine. For example, it could be caused by so-called diverticulitis, an inflammation of the diverticula in the large intestine. The diverticula are bulges that are mostly unnoticed and harmless, but lead to severe abdominal pain if they become inflamed.

Medical treatment is also required here. As a rule, antibiotics are used; in severe cases, surgery may also be necessary. Other causes of left-sided abdominal pain in the lower abdomen can be kidney or urinary stones and, in women, diseases of the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Left-sided abdominal pain in women

In women, abdominal pain can sometimes also be attributed to their cycle or genital organs.

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